An integrated and complete solution for relocation services in Luxembourg

You are an HR or a customer service manager

You wish to ensure your employees or clients a comfortable and stress-free installation in Luxembourg and to be able to manage this process via a simple and centralised tool.  

Zedesq is the tailor-made solution for your company

Zedesq, an innovative and tailor-made mobility management solution in Luxembourg

Be proactive and innovative in managing the mobility of your employees or customers in Luxembourg. With Zedesq, offer them a rewarding and efficient support solution to manage their expatriation.

Have an easy-to-use management tool for your teams with multiple functionalities to improve your recruitment and retention processes.


A fluid and facilitated logistics of mobility support

With Zedesq, you benefit from an innovative and efficient tool to manage mobility processes. Easy to use, à la carte functionalities, dashboards, … an essential tool for HR and customer services to help them manage their relationships.

A scalable management tool

With à la carte administration, our information base and helpdesk can be adapted to your present and future organisation. Manage your needs and your budget, take control of the management and development of your platform as you see fit, with ease and flexibility.

A customizable platform

The Zedesq platform can be adapted to your brand (graphic charter) and the content you wish to keep, remove or add. This content can be generic or specific to your company. Model the platform in your image and organise it according to your constraints and needs, and those of your customers or collaborators.

A high-quality, diversified and reliable information base on Luxembourg

Videos, interviews, complete files on topics related to settling and integrating in Luxembourg, documents to download, addresses and useful sites with tips … organized thematically covering all topics related to expatriation.

A comprehensive helpdesk

Composed of a FAQ and an associated helpline, the Zedesq platform allows the user to complete his search for information at any time for total comfort and optimised installation.

A full range of relocation services

Order and make available to your employees or customers classic or specific relocation services for your company.

  • housing search,
  • search for schools,
  • departure aids,
  • work permit,


  • Enhanced employer brand 100% 100%
  • Turn over reduced 100% 100%
  • Optimized recruitment rate 100% 100%
  • Smooth on boarding processes 100% 100%
  • Easier monitoring 100% 100%
  • Suits any type of business 100% 100%


Expatriated for nearly 10 years, we have a strong experience of expatriation. Coming from Brazil, we could have done without Zedesq’s accompaniment. Which I would have totally regretted because I was able to devote a large part of my time to looking for a job on the spot…which I quickly found…

Stéphanie P.


For our first expatriation, I had a lot of stress at the idea of having to manage my family’s move by myself for the most part. As my husband is often on the move, I was able to count on Camille’s support to accompany me before, during and especially after our installation. A great thank you

Julie E.


Manager of a start up, I was approached by the Chamber of Commerce to come and settle in Luxembourg. But a lot of questions about my company’s logistics and my family’s installation were a hindrance. Thanks to Zedesq, I was able to take advantage of a high value-added decision support system.

David E.


Optimize your mobility processes and improve your brand image

Would you like more information or a demonstration of the Zedesq solution, the mobility management tool in Luxembourg?

Whether for your employees or your customers, Zedesq will help you to improve your recruitment processes and the retention of your relations.

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