Dedicated and customizable information solutions to facilitate installation, integration and mobility in Luxembourg

HR Department

Back your employees on the practical aspects of integration in your organization through a range of customizable solutions specific to your organization

An optimized recruitment rate

With the Zedesq digital solution, give yourself the means to optimize your recruitment by answering practical and legitimate questions that candidates may have. Position yourself to remove the hiring barriers.

Reducing turnover

By offering practical information and high value-added services to your employees, foster a real commitment to your company.

A responsible, welcoming and caring corporate image

Facilitating personalized access to practical information for the various categories of employees, future or current, is a sign of a socially responsible company.

Fluid and easy logistics support

“A la carte”, our information base and helpdesk can be adapted to your current and future organisation. Model it in your image and organize it according to your constraints and needs.

An evolving management tool

With an easy to use admin, manage your needs and budget, take control of the management and development of your platform as you wish, and this in all ease and flexibility.

A complete relocation services offer

You also want to be able to order classic relocation services on the same platform:

  • Search for accommodation,
  • Search for schools,
  • Departure assistance,
  • Work Permits

and monitor their delivery and budget processes at competitive rates?

Zedesq is the solution

Customer services & Marketers

Our paper or digital welcome booklets are quality answers to your expectations and a real competitive advantage

An innovative recruitment method

Recruiting prospects has become crucial to ensure a constant growth rate. The availability of installation tools is a great innovative opportunity and an undeniable competitive advantage.

Differentiating loyalty

Building loyalty is one of the fundamental pillars of a strategy of sustainability and valorisation. Offering comfort and well-being to your clients during a period of high stress is a tremendous lever for the implementation of this strategy.

A committed and responsible brand image

Producing a differentiating, responsible and committed brand image is not easy in a constantly changing world. Zedesq is the solution to this equation.


Make it easier for your new residents to settle in your municipality

A dynamic image of your municipality

With the digital solution, give yourself the means to produce with your new residents the image of a municipality concerned about their installation

An interactive communication tool

Feedback from residents of your municipality can be a very powerful and useful way to improve the management of your municipality.

A way to provide local and convenient services

A major tool to develop a friendly and lasting relationship, provide services to a variety of beneficiaries, cultivate a responsible and social image,

Digital information platform

To go further and deeper in installation, the digital information platform is the solution: folders with varied contents, personalization to the specifics of your company, a custom helpdesk ... proposed with adaptable financial solutions to each kind of organisation

The solution that any HR or Marketing Manager was waiting long

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